Neon Synthesis

Neon Synthesis is a project born in 2004 from the ashes of various underground bands. Those different influences mixed together to create a unique musical experience.
Our roots used to be very metal-oriented, but we have been through a constant evolution to build a completely personal sound, an endless metamorphosis that led to the creation of the present Neon Synthesis style... which could be defined as a mix of melody and aggressive rhythms, of dance floor beats and epic anthems, of violent screaming and intense, dreamy vocals.
The band’s career has always been set on two parallel roads: the studio recording of promotional tracks and the live dimension, playing concerts in Italy and Europe that allowed us to bring our concept, our energy to the audience, experiencing a great feedback. The first work of Neon Synthesis was a three-tracks promo cd simply called "Promo 004", released on july 31st 2004 and freely distributed at concerts and through our website. That
gave us the chance to spread our music and obtain a strong core of devoted listeners from all around the world. Two years later, a new recording of those first three songs, together with seven brand new tracks, gave birth to "Our Empty Rooms", a self produced full-length album released on april 27th 2006. The title and the lyrics are influenced by the poetry of Thomas Stearns Eliot, and this cd was a big success, collecting both enthusiastic reviews and the appreciation of the audience.
The next step was searching for a record label. We eventually reached an agreement with the Italian label Killer
Pool Records, and in 2007 we signed a contract with the purpose of recording and distributing our official debut album, entitled "Alchemy of Rebirth". It contains ten tracks that accompany the listener during a journey, just like a path that starts from chaos, strife, betrayal, representations of the human nature, and ends with the purification, the final catharsis, that frees from the bounds of the earthly condition.
The recording session took place at Subsound Studios in Rome, under the supervision of Victor Love (Dope Stars Inc.) as producer and sound engineer. The mastering was completed by Vincent Sorg at Principal Studios (Senden, Germany), while the artwork is created by the acclaimed designer Seth Siro Anton (Septic Flesh, Paradise Lost, Soilwork).
The album has been released on February 27th, 2009 and spread worldwide by distributors like Plastic Head (UK), Al!ve (Germany), Goodfellas (Italy), Darkest Labyrinth (Japan), Gravitator Records (Russian Federation).