Alchemy of Rebirth



Ashes of the past are still warm
but a new pair of wings is now growing
metamorphosis is painful
but unavoidable

Will destruction be the right choice?
we are wolves, fighting each other
names spelled in dead words
and a vacuum of belief

Can you feel the pressure of Nothing?
can you hear the endless struggle of society?
Chaos upon humanity!
Can you feel the pressure of Nothing?
can you see the self-destruction of society?
Chaos upon the world!

A new dawn is cast on the ruins
of the way that we used to live
centuries of glory and fear
blown away by a poisoned kiss

The rise and fall of a thousand empires
is a matter of cyclic return
names spelled in dead words
and a vacuum of belief

Nothing is what I care for
Nowhere is where I'd like to be
Never my hopes were real
No one can ever satisfy me

Visions from Above

- Connection -

Wings of butterflies
torn apart, left in the pages of a scarlet diary
smoke of burning roses
reminiscence of an untold story

We are sensing machines
floating like orphan particles
mechanical beauty in infinity
doctrine in music penetrating flesh

Future comes as a heavy gunshot
neurotic light exploding in my head
time is nailed to the steel dial
mental chaos

Our mistakes condemn us
the oracle unveils the third truth

- Disconnection in five seconds -


I run in no direction
stones and mud in this forest
dead leaves on my way
forbidden confessions in the willow shade

Mind's a deserted path
snakes in hands and a stolen love
poison in my heart
breathing dust from the pages of time

Slave of sin... drunk on vice

Slave of sin, drunk on vice
a diamond knife and a fraternal friend
a new dawn will erase every step
the dream is devoured by the light in her eyes

Betrayal holds me tight
in this valley where I feel a stranger
my past is now my present
let me in, I won't fall again
Betrayal holds me tight
in this valley where I feel a stranger
my past is now my present
will your sun light up my day?

Mind's a deserted path
spiders in my veins, I am a urban ghost
poison in my heart
breathing dust on a hidden tomb

Like Ashes on a Waste Land

This is the time when everything is possible
an obsession living in reality
a storm of phrases flying to the sky
my cry is a threat for mediocrity

Innocent victims of ignorance
your lips are sewn
immortal works by an unknown artist
shadows carved on a wall

Beyond the sunset thoughts are absent
beyond this moment there's no turning back
beyond love fire is devouring me
my ashes will suffocate this waste land

I am a man in flames
my ashes will suffocate this waste land

Automatons with disfigured souls
emerge from the deepest abyss
screaming heads coming from their wombs
seem to graze the edge of reason

Misery breeds silent sorrow
reason is left alone
shadows are falling on my face
the last gleam of light in the bottom of my eyes


A bitter awakening after the nightmare
innate anguish, instinct of death
Psyche has one thousand faces
and each of them is choked by pain

I fell into the void
created by myself
silent screams from my mouth
eyes dim, like the dark

The weary heart is still running
and carries on a useless fight
the night is cold, and so long
I walk with you, I have no fear

I watch a pure and shining dawn
I feel life running up to me
close my eyes, there's still a tear
to remember the last sun

Artificial Paradise

I woke up late this morning
my soul and body ache
in my mouth there's still the taste of the fire
that filled up my veins

Last night I led the dance
celebrant of a primordial rite
you put your lives in the wrong hands
we burned - and you didn't even realize

Stand there when the curtain crashes
here comes the new sensation
our rusty wings are spreading
get ready for the revolution

Let oblivion fall
upon the misery of reality
this masquerade's generating chaos
adrenalin shots fuckin up our brains

Gasmasks and nuclear puppets
it was a game, now it's ecstasy
we live the night like there's no tomorrow
singing chants that will die at dawn

Get ready for the revolution

The Sweetest Nightmare

You opened up my heart
with your razorblade kiss
another wound inflicted
to a body already dead

You didn't say this
could hurt so much
forgotten, covered in dust
I can't heal my self-wounded arms

Stop saying you're shining over me
like cold december sun
the only light that I remember
is the flash of a passion gone
And now I lie in darkness
thorns grow around my heart
these years of silence made me
blind in my bed of rust

Plastic needles in my skin
won't let me escape from you
trapped into the sweetest nightmare
wrapped in wire, I cannot breathe

Open my scars
cast your spell
and wake me up

Make me smile
save me
slit my wrists
and set me free

Through the Looking Glass

My eyes, my eyes...
I cannot see beyond my void
why trying to save me? I want to be unconscious
I want to be immortal

Hysteria in my laughs
I'm tired of breathing dust
I won't escape, the moon is a sickle
trying to kill me

If you follow me I'll show you secrets
never told by anyone
thoughts beyond your comprehension
that no one ever dared to name

What did you hope to see in a broken mirror?
What can you see in a broken glass?

My arms shine with stigmata
bleeding proof of my rebellion
I feel hated but I'm fucking free
my own enemy

When will you cross the forbidden threshold?
When will you cross the line that divides us?


The sky is turning red
while we await our punishment
Heaven's weeping on us
Meteor summoned from above
The sky is turning red
while we await our punishment
Heaven's weeping on us
the wound is deeper than our sins

Ancient cells
injected into human blood
genetically engineered
to bring Mother back to life
Alchemy of rebirth
glass tanks under spell or curse
a race of gods is rising
science melts with theology

The death of a planet
brings back the memory of fate
as threat is getting closer
Lifestream bleeds with energy
Crippled shadows heading north
to the crater of Reunion
black capes in white catharsis
following our master on

In the depth of the reactor
the headless body is changing shape
four forms of the mutation
birth - life - death - synthesis

And you were like a martyr god
the beautiful mirror of our corruption
another white dove on an altar
another sacrifice
The chosen one, to bear the mark
of the alien parasite
another white dove on an altar
another sacrifice


There are times when I feel
that everything is slipping from my hands
there are times when I want to fall asleep
to avoid the threat of time

So I ran away, I sought refuge in a different world
floating in hedonism, trying to write my name in water
I mixed mercury and sulphur
sanctifying my own blood

When a simple stare can hurt you more
than a knife stabbed in your heart
then you're ready to sacrifice everything you have
to chase a ghost

I was lost in Eden
longing for rebirth

Reality can strike and crush all of these phantoms
I had to wake up, like nothing happened
but I won't let this foul fiend take possess of me again
I'll keep on dreaming in my house of mirrors

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